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Empowering People

Teach a man to Fish Project

I know you have heard the saying before, "give a man a fish, he eats today. Teach a man to fish he will eat tomorrow."

We believe the teaching goes beyond this. We take it two steps further. We know that catching a fish is inevitable, so we help them store their fish.  We want to show the man how to care for his catch by storing his fish properly so he can eat every day and by storing his fish he will be able to share his fish with another. It does not end with fishing.

Hand up=Empowerment

Make a Plan

Connect with heart

We are a non-profit 501 C(3) that gives back 100% to the lost and broken our community. Give of your finances, clothing, housewares, hygiene and self.

Volunteer to give of your self. Serve at one of our iserve sites or ask us how to get involved.

Our mission is to love and respect all people sharing the person and spirit of Christ.

Tailgate Ministries' Mission is to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of our fellow residents. We believe homelessness and poverty is a community issue. It is our hope to guide and unite others to get involved, build relationships, and create a healthier community together.

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