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We are an organic and mobile ministry that focuses on meeting the needs of the homeless, misplaced, and the hurting in our valley. We offer meals, clothing, addiction recovery direction, and Christ.


Tailgate Ministries is presently serving a hot meal every  2nd Saturday downtown Medford in the Ontrack parking lot at 300 W. Main St. We offer a free dinner, clothing, support, and resource referral.


Tailgate Ministries also travels to areas around the valley where the homeless gather. These road trips allow us to spend more time with people so we can gain information about their needs.

Tailgate Ministries has recently moved into a great new empowerment phase of ministering. This is where we build relationships. Then, through those relationships, help identify areas of limitations. We then provide and show steps to take so better choices can be made. Our goal to not to just give a hand out or up, but to empower people to help themselves to hit their mark.

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